This is the list of what has changed since the first public version of DuFFmpeg.


New Features


  • Lots of code improvements to make maintenance and contributions easier.


  • Fixed crash with the Vidvox HAP codec.
  • Fixed console output on Windows.
  • Fixed crash when FFmpeg was incorrectly loaded.
  • Automatically reload features from FFmpeg if the settings are corrupted.
  • Reduced launch time (again).



  • EXR sequences are now correctly detected.
  • Fixed transcoding sequence not working if the framerate is kept to the default value.


New Features

  • Added controls for the Profile and Level when transcoding to h.264
  • Added Quality control for ProRes.
  • Multiple input files
  • Select and map streams from the input file(s) to the output media (i.e. easily add sound to an image sequence, or change the sound of a video)
  • Added complete color management options (still need to add LUT support).
  • Ability to open files with DuME. They will be added as input medias.
  • Added a Help menu on the top right corner of the window with useful links
  • Included a script to be used in After Effects to send compositions to DuME
  • Added the ability to add command line options when launching DuME, to automatically add input medias.

Presets and formats

  • Added high compatibility presets for MP4 (Baseline level 3.0)
  • Added 16 bpc PNG
  • Enabled alpha by default for PNG and TGA
  • Added 24-bit and 32-bit WAV
  • Removed MP4 presets resized to 1080p and 720p. All presets now keep the input size by default, use the “Resize” option if you need to change the resolution.

General Improvements

  • Complete code refactor. The application is now easier to maintain, and the groundwork is better for further development and new features. The application should be more stable.
  • The consoles (log, ffmpeg console, after effects console) have been improved.
  • The color management has been completely changed and improved.
  • The input information displayed when dropping a file onto DuME is a lot more detailed.
  • The UI now uses nice “blocks” for options
  • Some options come with useful presets (like standard resolutions for the Resize option, color profile settings for the Color management block, etc).
  • A summary of the output settings is available
  • Support of EXR (especially colors) have been improved
  • Color conversion when transcoding to YUV files is better
  • Improved compatibility of ProRes files.


General Improvements

  • The User Interface has been improved, using drop shadows to group parameters. This is a first step to future improvements of the UI.
  • Check video size before transcoding using h264: Adjust to even numbers.
  • The default gamma for EXR files and After Effects projects is now automatically set to BT.470M (gamma 2.2).



  • User Interface: Margins and fonts are now correctly displayed on Linux.


Initial Release.