After Effects: Installation

If Adobe After Effects is installed on the system, DuME is able to render and encode After Effects Compositions.

Before these compositions can be rendered, some presets need to be created inside After Effects. This operation has to be done only once for each version of After Effects you want to use.

Using the DuME script

1- Install the DuME Script panel (instructions for Windows and Mac) for the version of After Effects you want to use with DuME.

2- Launch After Effects.

3- Open the script at least once (it is in the Windows menu). Opening it is enough, you don’t necessarily need to launch the rendering with the script from inside After Effects.

4- If you want to be able to send compositions to DuME from After Effects, you first need to go to the icon settings panel of the script and set the path to the DuME application.


You can also just run the script just once without actually installing it, via the File/Scripts/Run script file... menu entry.


If for some reason this script does not work or you cannot use it, follow these steps in the rendere queue:

1- Select the “Lossless” output module. Set its format to OpenEXR Sequence, and the channels to RGB+Alpha. Leave all other options to their default values. Save this new module as “DuEXR”.

2- Select the “Lossless” output module. Set its format to WAV, and the audio options to 96,000Hz / 32 bit / Stereo. Save this new module as “DuWAV”.

3- Select the “Best” render settings. and check the “Skip existing files” box. Save these new settings as “DuMultiMachine”.

4- Select the “Best” render settings. Save these settings as “DuBest”.